Man detained by Armed Police after Tense Stand off in Titchfield


Approx 30 Police officers descended on to Bellfield in Titchfield just after 8.15pm this evening.

After sealing off a road for nearly three hours Police have finally detained a man after he gave himself up from inside the property on Bellfield road.

Armed police swooped on the road  and closed off part of the Hampshire village just after 8pm this evening.

Cordon tape was thrown up and at one point officers extended the cordon warning people not to cross it or leave their homes whilst specialist officers dealt with the incident of trying to negotiate with man to give himself up.

Ladders and batten guns could be seen whilst officers hid behind a vehicle in the road.

Witnesses described how armed police dressed in black, wearing helmets,  had arrived in the road and surrounded the property some of Police were  carrying guns and shields.

At one point the incident was being treated as a siege as it was believed that the man in the house  had others in the property with him, along with a knife.

During the  armed stand-off the man was seen to throw toilet rolls at the police from the window of the property into a garden. Approx 30 officers many armed, with shields,guns and tasers could be seen outside the property.

Shortly after 11pm the man left the property and was detained by Police before being loaded into the back of a Police van.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said: “Police have been dealing with an ongoing incident at an address in the road and it was still on going.”

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