As The Man Hunt Continues for Portsmouth Hammer Attacker


uesday 12th April 2016 Portsmouth,Hampshire Pictured is Scene of Crime officers working outside 101 Shearer Road in Buckland where a 17 year old girl was attacked and is now fighting for her life after an unknown male attacked her with a hammer when she answered the door. Police in Portsmouth are still searching for a suspect who attacked a 17-year-old girl with what is believed to be a hammer yesterday evening (11th April). Emergency services rushed to a house in Shearer Road yesterday after the girl opened the door and was seriously assaulted in the attack. ©UKNIP (UK News In Pictures/UKNIP)
As Police continue their search for a hammer attacker who subjected a teenage babysitter to a violent attack at a home in Buckland in Portsmouth. Police have spent the day searching and recovering evidence from the scene.

The Police launched the manhunt is underway after a teenage was left with life-threatening injuries following a brutal hammer attack. Latest reports say her condition has improved and her condition is now “serious but stable”.

The girl, named local as Louise, is understood to have worked looking after children for the owner of the property, who ran to a nearby corner shop to call for help when the man forced his way inside.

Pratik Brahma, who owns Shearer  Store said, “I was just closing the shop when the lady came running in saying someone had got inside her house and she needed to call the police.

Crime Scene examiners dressed in white suits spent the day examining the property in Shearer Road, including the front door where the attack is happened. It is understood that the house has been subjected to a finger tip search as the hunt for the attacker continues.

A team of force support officers descended on to the street yesterday afternoon with ladders and tools they spent a number of hours in the road and surrounding searching the roads wheel bins, roofs and drains looking for the outstanding weapon used by the unnamed attacker.

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