Remember the Social Media post about the baby being left in the car??? Luckily the baby wasn’t in the car at time of the accident.

A woman who’s blue Vauxhall astra which was involved in a collision in Fareham last night on the Quay Street Roundabout has already hit the Social media headline once this week.

Luckily the baby wasn’t in the car at the time of the accident this time. The owner was vehicle was rinsed for leaving her young child in the car whilst she went off to do some shopping in Asda at Newgate lane in Fareham. A follower posted pictures of the child left in a car seat in the back of blue Astra that lost a wheel and ended up on it’s roof after hitting a lamppost. Witnesses claim the woman was on her phone at the time of the collision as she took the corner off the roundabout toward the M27.


Baby left in Car


Astra Monday

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