More details are emerging this afternoon following Three ambulances catching fire and the blaze spreading to the East Entrance to the of the East Surrey hospital.

As a clean up operation starts at the hospital source have revealed that a man was in the back of the ambulance that burst into flames and the heroic paramedic risked his life with a fire extinguisher to rescue the patient from the back of the flaming ambulance, and try to fire the fight the fire with a fire extinguisher.  UKNIP understands that the private ambulance driver was waiting for a space in order to drop off a patient when the vehicle caught fire.

He managed to get the patient out and take them inside the hospital, before going back outside and grabbing a fire extinguisher.

It's also understood there were a total of six oxygen cylinders involved in the blaze, one of which exploded and ended up hundreds of yards away on the far side of a car park.

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