My Husband Doesn’t belong here he belongs at Home


The remains of the Boiler House that still stands. Eighteen weeks on three families who are without their loved one have spent Fathers day down in Didcot so the children can feel a little bit closer to their missing fathers. They where tragically trapped and killed when part of the boiler house they where working collapsed. Despite numerous attempts to free the trapped men they still remain.

Claims that the British Army had been brought in to help have been rubbished by the families if you call a remote control robot and four men one said thats not the army. We all feel let down by this is just so not right they are humans they are our husbands still trapped in there.


We are all going through living hell with our children every day. We have been lied to by Police and most of them involved they have never been truthful to us.

Didcot,Oxfordshire, Sunday 13th March 2016 Pictured Families of the Three Missing Power station Constuction workers who have travelled from Rotherham and South Wales to take action The family carried out a  a peaceful protest outside  the Didcot A Power Station. Police them let the families into the power to spend time with their loved one. The Families speaking from their heart feel that the not enough is being done to recovery the missing men. Speaking this morning the families   Said” We feel abandoned We have been left in the dark about the searching. Are loved ones are trapped under tons of debris after half the building collapsed and we are no closing having the men brought home to us. Speaking today from outside the Didcot “A” defunct Power station  the trio said”you see babies being carried out of the rubble in disaster zones yet  the emergency services can’t  bring out the missing men It’s is disgusting' “They have given up hope and they have no right to - we haven’t nor will we. Demolition experts where preparing some boilers for destruction at the defunct Didcot power station in Oxfordshire when disaster struck. Three worker, named  by the family as  Mick Collings, Christopher Huxtable and Ken Cresswell died and five people were injured while more than 47 others were treated for dust inhalation. The collapse sparked a massive but unsuccessful overnight rescue operation involving more than 100 people. Police and the HSE have  said the site was still unsafe until a safe system of work is in place.©UKNIP (UK News In Pictures/UKNIP)
Didcot Oxfordshire Thursday 17th March 2016  Pictured  the Three Missing Didcot  Workers. John Shaw   RWE and Thames Valley Police planned to start removing the debris from the collapsed boiler house this morning, with the hope of resuming the recovery operation for the workers this weekend. Among the three men missing following the disaster is Swansea dad Christopher Huxtable. The 34-year-old had been working for Coleman and Co Ltd. preparing boilers for destruction at the defunct power station when the incident happened. One worker, Mick Collings, died, and five people were injured, but Christopher and two of his colleagues are still missing three weeks after the 10-storey building collapsed. While some have criticised authorities for being too slow in their recovery operation, Mr Huxtable's family recognised the need to ensure the safety of emergency services staff. Announcing the start of a recovery mission, a joint statement by the Health and Safety Executive and Thames Valley Police said: "RWE has today presented a plan to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Thames Valley Police (TVP) to commence work on the collapsed debris, ready to recover the missing men. "Starting today, large equipment and people will be arriving on site to start work to enable the recovery operation to resume at the weekend, sooner if possible. "Progress with the plan over the coming days will be closely monitored by HSE and TVP." Recovery teams have been on site daily with drones to find the best way to access the 30ft pile of steel and concrete. Mr Huxtable's sister Natallie spoke out last week in praise of South Wales and Thames Valley Police, who she said had been "supportive, kind and caring" towards her family at such a difficult time. She added that every day was "like Groundhog Day" as they waited for news about her brother. The HSE and police statement added: "Our priority remains the recovery of the missing men so they can be returned to their families and t (UK News In Pictures/UKNIP)

I will never lay flowers at the site thats not a resting place for my husband. He doesn’t belong in there nor do the other they below at home with us. When are those involved going to recognise that. They might have forgotten them but we haven’t nor will we.