Dim-witted thief is helping police with their inquiries after Portsmouth Night Club Theft


A burglar, who we featured this lunchtime after an early morning break-in at The Astoria nightclub, has been arrested.

Eagle-eyed management spotted the dozy thief, pictured, stood outside The Lyberry bar. Door staff detained him, he admitted the burglary to security wearing bodyworn cameras, and was subsequently arrested.

It is believed that he stole over £2,000 worth of premium stock after forcing open till draws with no cash kept in them.

“Damage to the venue took the cost to my business over £5 000, also taking into account the lost stock,” Club Manager Alistair Ritchie told us.

The dim-witted thief is helping police with their inquiries at Portsmouth Central Police Station. An officer described him as, “Not the sharpest tool in the box.”