Eight minute cycle from work nearly cost me my life but the Helmet saved me

Last Thursday I was riding the 8 minute cycle from work as I do every day. A car coming in the opposite direction didn’t see me and turned right, hitting me. I went over the bonnet and landed on the road on the other side, head first. I can’t even describe how hard my head hit the ground because it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.
The thing that saved me from serious injuries and meant that I could walk away with only minor concussion and bruising was my HELMET!!!! There was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening, it wasn’t even a major road. I was a minute away from my house.
Yesterday I took a stroll and my eyes are open to something I haven’t noticed before. About three or four people, not wearing bike helmets. Our heads and brains are so so fragile, it’s not worth it. I am certain that my story would be a different one if I wasn’t wearing my helmet. PLEASE MAKE WEARING YOUR HELMET A LIFETIME HABIT. It could save your life too!!!

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