Terror Police descend on the M3 Motorway after Dirty Bomb is found

Saturday 23rd September 2017 Winchester Hampshire Police closed M3 after Dirty Bomb is found at the side of the motorway.The M3 is closed due to a major ongoing incident.The road was shut at about 4am this morning and there are huge delays, while many motorists are at a standstill on the carriageway.Traffic also solid on the Sparsholt Rd from Standon- everyone's backing up and turning round #M3. Hampshire Cosntabulary says that the M3 northbound is being opened at junction 11 for a "safe, steady release of traffic”. No info for travellers at #Winchester park and ride - people have been waiting for 1hr after 2hrs to get here #M3.Some drivers are saying they weren't adequately warned that the motorway had been closed Patsy and Dave Green are stranded at Winchester park and ride and have been waiting for more than an hour for a bus into Winchester. The couple from Totton saw what they thought was a bomb disposal unit go up the M3 about half an hour ago. Dave said: "I'm ex army and I can't say for sure it was a bomb disposal van but it definitely looked like one. "And it was the only vehicle going up the motorway. We also saw a couple of unmarked police cars and bikes going up." Patsy added: "I thought it was something more than an accident for it to have been closed this long". He also spoke to two police officers who told him the incident related to “national security”. He said: “I tried to use a footbridge over the motorway near St Catherine’s Hill but a police officer at the end of the bridge said it was likely to be closed all day. “I took a path and saw a bunch of police, military personnel and a Royal Navy bomb disposal unit. "The police were combing undergrowth on both sides of the motorway. “It makes you a bit worried. “I work in London and we’re seeing more and more security incidents. I just hope this turns out to be a false alarm.” A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed that a bomb disposal unit was “providing assistanc

Terror Police have descend on to the M3 Motorway after traffic cops closed both the north and Southbound side of the major Hampshire Motorway. Terror Police who have also attended Sunbury on Thames have been seen at the scene of M3 Incident this morning. Police have not yet revealed the materials found after a major incident was declared. Thousands of drivers have been stuck in traffic chaos for much of the day as traffic struggled to seek alternative routes.

A specialist Communication van with a white tent has been erected and a Bridge crossing the motorway has been closed . Officers are standing guard at both side of the bridge. Scene of crime officers in paper suits have also been seen sweeping the motorway with a small dustpan and brush. Specialist explosive dogs and the Navy bomb disposal team have also been called to the scene that was closed just before 4am on Saturday morning.

Police have refused confirm any further details and claim that the matter is of national security. The incident is directly below the Eastleigh Airport approach. A white van left the scene on blue lights after a sample of the materials was taken away for testing. Hampshire Fire and Rescue and South Centre ambulance service were also called to the scene in the early hours.

South central ambulance services said: We are currently supporting Hampshire Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service at an incident on the M3 that has closed both carriageways between junctions 9 and 11. Please find alternative routes and avoid the area if possible. The spokeswoman would not give out any further detials and advised that the Police were leading on the incident

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