Man Takes Two Staff Hostage at Nuneaton Bowling Alley after former partner sees red over new relationship

Nuneaton,Warwickshire Sunday 22 October 2017 :A man armed with a shotgun has taken hostages at a bowling alley in Nuneaton in Warwickshire Five police vehicles are outside MFA Bowl at Bermuda Park, in St David's Way. Warwickshire Police have said they are dealing with an "ongoing incident". All roads in the area have been blocked. People using the Cinema have been told to stay inside whilst officer deal with the incident. Warwickshire Police have confirmed they are dealing with an 'ongoing incident' at Bermuda Park, and called for people to steer clear. Witnesses have claimed that man is armed with a sawn-off shotgun. A man out with his family who asked not to be named said he saw a man with a gun in the complex next thing we know we are being asked to leave and the Police turn up an close have closed the area."

An enraged man has taken two people hostage with a gun after seeing red over a new relationship his former partner had struck up with a fellow member of staff. Just after 3pm this afternoon the gunman arrived at the MFA Bowling alley ordered people to leave the complex. Staff at the complex ordered all the staff and public to leave the area. Armed Police officers rushed to the scene and put the area on lockdown.

A helicopter was seen hovering above the scene and all roads have been blocked. Police have confirmed that incident is not terror related. West Midland ambulance service have sent a number of resources to the scene. Customers in surrounding food outlets and a children play area remain under lock at the leisure complex.

Members of the public were told to leave quietly by staff after being told that their was a man with a sawn off shot gun.

Customers at a nearby Odeon cinema are being kept inside the theatre, as well as families at a nearby soft-play centre, while police assess the scene.

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