Mum Plea to Missing Teenager from Portsmouth

mum plea to missing teenager from portsmouth
mum plea to missing teenager from portsmouth

Ethan Kershaw is 13 years old. He’s been missing since at least 3pm yesterday but more than likely earlier. He was last seen around the Fratton of Portsmouth.

He attends the Priory School in Fawcett Road.

Mum Krissy Lou Said” Ethan has recently had surgery on his nose and throat and needs further major surgery in a few weeks. He should still be on his antibiotics for his infection and in this cold could become quite unwell.”

“He is pending an assessment for ADHD and likes to free climb at all different heights and all times of the day and night. He cannot risk assess.”

“Ethan has conduct disorder and other behavioral issues which may have contributed to his absence however the more appealing for him to do the right thing rather than telling him what to do is likely to get home quicker said mum Krissy.

Ethan is likely to steal because of hunger he is likely to speak the wrong way to the wrong person.
Krissy believe this because he is with friends who are normally allowed out until all hours sometimes all night and encouraged to steal.”
The friends he is hanging about seem to have challenged behavior also so Ethan is probably trying to show off. On the flip side, Ethan is a lovely boy and when not angered would not hurt a fly. He even has a snuffle blanket!”

Krissy walked Ethan to school yesterday he was wearing, All black Nike trainers, black skin-tight jeans, white shirt, Priory School blazer and a dark blue coat with a little rip on the right pocket.
It’s quite possible he has now changed and used friends clothes since going missing.
His hair is curly on top with short back and sides. He has a five-year old brother who is desperate to have him home and parents very worried for his current levels of his vulnerability and situations he may put himself in not knowing the dangers of what could happen to him.

If you have any information or know where Ethan is please contact Hampshire Police on 101.