Bring Home the Didcot Three

bring home the didcot three
bring home the didcot three

Didcot,Oxfordshire, Sunday 13th March 2016 Pictured Families of the Three Missing Power station Construction workers who have travelled from Rotherham and South Wales they urge the authorities to do more to find the missing men. The families carried out a peaceful protest outside the Didcot A Power Station. Police let the families into the power station in small groups to spend time with their loved ones who are to date still missing.
The families speaking from their heart feel that not enough is being done to recovery the missing men. Speaking this morning the families said” We feel abandoned We have been left in the dark about the searching. Our loved ones are trapped under tons of debris after half the building collapsed and we are no closing to having the men brought home to us.

Ken Cresswell’s Daughter speaking from the scene at Didcot A Power Station this lunchtime Listen below:

Speaking from outside the Didcot “A” defunct Power station the trio said ”you see babies being carried out of the rubble in disaster zones yet the emergency services can’t bring out the missing men It’s is disgusting It’s shameful.
“They have given up hope and they have no right to – we haven’t nor will we.

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Demolition experts where preparing some boilers for destruction at the defunct Didcot power station in Oxfordshire when disaster struck. We have learnt a main beam had been cut and weaken and had stated to Bow in boiler house two. Workers had attempted to re-weld the steel cross member.

Ken Cresswells Wife Gail spoke at gates of Didcot Power Station she said: “We are down here today because nobody will listen to us.
“These men of ours have been trapped for three weeks and nobody has done a thing to help them. Not a piece of rubble has been moved. “It is disgusting and enough is enough.”
She added: “I didn’t get told this had happened, I didn’t know this had happened until I saw it on TV.

“That’s how much I’ve been let down by these people. I had to see what happened to my husband on the news.”

Listen to Gail in Full by clicking below

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Three worker, named by the family as Mick Collings, Christopher Huxtable and Ken Cresswell are still missing. Five people were injured while more than 47 others were treated for dust inhalation. The collapse sparked a massive but unsuccessful overnight rescue operation involving more than 100 people. Police and the HSE have said the site was still unsafe until a safe system of work is in place.

In a joint statement, Thames Valley Police and the HSE said they were waiting for site owners RWE to “produce a plan for a safe method of working before the next stage of the recovery can begin”.

“Once this is received and approved by HSE, emergency services are on hand to recover the missing men,” it said.

“Preparation at the site, for the recovery, is taking place and will continue over the weekend.”
RWE said it was providing an independent assessment “on the stability of the remaining structure”.
The firm added it “recognises the impact this state of uncertainty must be having on the families concerned and that it is of paramount importance to respond to this tragic situation”, and said it had offered to meet up with the affected families “next week when we have more information”.