Man tasered after Botched Armed at a Corals Bookmakers

man tasered after botched armed at a corals bookmakers
man tasered after botched armed at a corals bookmakers

Police are currently dealing with an incident at the Coral bookmakers in Jarrow. The Man who he is holed up in the book makers has put newspapers on the front windows in an attempt to stop armed Police from seeing into the property.
Since the stand off started just before 6pm It is understood three hostages have now been released. It is not known if there are any more inside the building.
Steve Dixon who filmed the drama unfolding said: ‘I am in a third floor flat. Just after 6pm I heard shouting outside, which is unusual around here. It is usually pretty quiet.

‘About ten minutes later four police cars arrived and pulled up outside the bookies.

‘I noticed that the lights were on but all the windows were covered over with paper.

‘At about 7pm whoever is holding the bookies up released a young lad. He was definitely staff as he was wearing a badge and a uniform.

‘He walked across the road to police and was taken away.’

Mr Dixon says that the man who has apparently taken the hostages is well built and wearing a black vest.

He added: ‘He keeps coming to the door and the police are trying to communicate with him.

‘I have heard the police say things like, ‘come to the door’, and ‘give yourself up’.’

At about 7.45pm Mr Dixon says a second hostage, an older looking man wearing a black coat, was released.

Like the first hostage, he walked towards the police and was taken away.

Mr Dixon added: ‘This is not what you expect on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I have no clue what might be behind it.

‘I am going to see it out to the end. I really hope there is a peaceful ending.’
At 8.45pm a third hostage, a man in his sixties wearing a grey anorak, was released from the building. He was made to lie on the floor before he was taken into a police car.

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Police have confirmed the following at 5:46pm on Sunday, January 8, we received a report of a man in possession of a believed firearm inside the Coral bookmakers in Grange Road.

Specialist firearms officers are currently at the scene and police negotiators are speaking with the man to try and get him to exit the store safely.

Three people who were inside the premises with the man have all left unharmed.

One person is believed to be still inside the premises with him and we are working to get this person out safely.

A cordon has been set up in the area to allow for officers to deal with the situation and nearby roads closed as a precaution.

There is no threat to the wider public however we would ask that people avoid the area while we work to bring this situation to a safe conclusion. Police have since confirmed that the man has been tasered by officers and has been taken into custody