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Maidstone burglar caught by his own DNA is jailed

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Screenshot 2019 12 04 at 15.56.25

A Maidstone burglar who left his DNA at a victim’s house and was caught on CCTV at a second break-in, has been jailed.

On 19 October 2019, Lee Cuthbert went to a property in Linton Road and smashed a window and door to gain access to the property.

Once inside he completed an untidy search and caused considerable damage before stealing jewellery and a mobile phone.

Cuthbert cut himself whilst inside the premises and his DNA was later identified from bloodstains on furnishings.

The following week, on 24 October, Cuthbert was caught on CCTV with an unidentified associate observing a house in Windmill Hill, Harrietsham before it was burgled.

A window was smashed to gain entry to the property, then an untidy search was carried out and further damage caused inside the premises.

Jewellery and bank cards were stolen, and Cuthbert was later identified by detectives after they viewed the CCTV footage.

An officer patrolling Parkwood, Maidstone on 28 October saw Cuthbert near Wallis Avenue and, knowing he was wanted for burglary, attempted to arrest him.

Cuthbert managed to escape on foot but was detained on 30 October at his home address in The Harbour, Sutton Valence. He was later charged with two burglaries and escaping lawful custody.

The 41-year-old pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court and at the same court on 29 November, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

Officer in the case, Detective Constable Billie-Louise Keane said: ‘This man is a prolific burglar who brazenly smashed his way into his victims’ properties during the hours of daylight.

‘The occupiers returned to their houses to find considerable damage and mess, and treasured possessions stolen.

‘It is only right that Maidstone communities are protected from this criminal by a lengthy prison sent