Man sentenced for conspiracy to commit burglary and steal motor vehicles in the Home Counties

Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 01.57.37
Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 01.57.37
Following a Police investigation, a man has been sentenced for conspiracy to commit burglary and steal motor vehicles in Bicester, Didcot and Aylesbury.
John Loveridge, aged 35, of Tovey Drive, Daventry was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court to five years and three months’ imprisonment having pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to steal motor vehicles.
Loveridge admitted that between 5 December 2018 and 23 October 2019, he conspired to commit 12 offences in various locations across the Thames Valley area, where performance or high value vehicles were targeted or stolen.
Investigating officer, Detective Constable Claire Rennie, based at Banbury Police Station and Detective Constable Richard Whitcombe, based at Abingdon Police Station said in a joint statement: “John Loveridge is a career criminal who was actively targeting properties in Bicester, Didcot and Aylesbury that had high value or performance vehicles outside.
“Despite being arrested and released on bail during the investigation, he continued to commit the same type of offences in the Thames Valley area.
“These offences were all overnight whilst the victims and their families were asleep in bed and are therefore highly impactive emotionally for all concerned.
“This was a joint investigation with colleagues both in Thames Valley and other neighbouring forces and I am happy that Mr Loveridge pleaded guilty and that the sentence imposed can in some way can act as closure to all of the victims in this case.”