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Soaring cases in the borough of Wokingham


The current weekly rate of Covid-19 infections per 100,000 people in Wokingham Borough sits at 565.7 (up until 3 January). This is over ten times higher than it was back in April in the first wave. As we know, the new strain of the virus is 50-70% more transmissible, meaning it’s easier to catch and easier to spread.

Now more than ever, we need to stick to the rules and work together to bring infection rates down. Remember, one in three people with coronavirus have no symptoms, so you could be spreading it without realising.

Please familiarise yourself with the stay at home guidance, available on the Gov.uk website. You can access all the latest data on cases in Wokingham Borough through the Covid-19 Dashboard on the Berkshire Public Health website.

Finally, you will be contacted when it’s your turn to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Please do not contact your GP directly about it as they are currently very busy.