The best writing apps for UK students

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Writing is part of everyone’s life. Take it in simple forms, such as writing your name and contact details on documents to more complex forms, such as writing poetry or novels. Writing involves creativity and deep thought. But writing is also a form of exercise, of improving your critical thinking skills, time, and information management. Writing essays and assignments is part of the college life of any student. You will have to discuss conflicting points of view, support your own with arguments and evidence, discuss future possibilities, or just argue different hypotheses. In each of these cases, you will need to write. 

So, which are the best writing apps for UK students? 



Grammarly is a popular and one of the most used writing apps. It is used by professional writers such as creative writers or copywriters, but by students too. Why? Because it comes with that touch of technology you need to improve your writing skills. Grammarly helps you check your essays and assignments for any grammar or spelling errors. Moreover, Grammarly can detect typos and suggest replacements, which is a plus of readability for your texts.

What is arguably one of the best features Grammarly has is the possibility of selecting the tone of your text. For example, for an essay where you argue your point of view, you might want to sound confident. For a story about your experience, you might want to sound friendly and open. When you paste your text in Grammarly, you can select a few characteristics you aim for. Then, Grammarly will identify how close you are to your goals. 

Grammarly comes with a free version, but the features you have access to are limited. To have access to all features, you would need to pay $25/month. However, the free version checks for your grammar and spelling errors as well for clarity, which could be a good start to help you improve your writing skills. 


How Students Won’t Forget About Assignment Writing

Evernote is more than a writing app. It is an app that helps you keep all your drafts and notes in the same place. Creativity and novel ideas might pop up in your head when you least expect them to, but they can also go away twice as fast. To write them down and then research more on the topic or develop your ideas in an essay, you could use Evernote. 

However, many students have a crowded and busy schedule, and many many tasks to take care of. Most of them involve writing, something many students feel they need improvement at. Not feeling that you have the resources you need to face the complexity of some writing tasks can come with demotivation and a lack of self-confidence. Thankfully, many writing services can support students with their homework. One of the most popular services for helping students with their homework is Writix. On this platform, students can find writers on any topic or subject that interests them. This is how the writers can help you do your homework by the end of the day. Qualitatively and quickly, these are probably the best words that fit this writing platform. 


Google Docs 

If you have a Google account, you probably know that you have access to Google Docs. Right on your Google Drive, you can create many documents that are similar to Word or Excel, only are more basic. However, for writing purposes, many professional writers use Google Docs. Everything is online, on your Google Drive so in case you have connectivity issues, everything remains saved there. 

Google Docs is constantly improved and new features are added. If not long ago it was a basic app, now it has integrated a grammar and spelling proofreader. And this happens at the same time you write your essay or assignment. With only a click you can correct a misspelled word. 


Writing essays and assignments might not come in handy for most students. Teachers have expectations and all your tasks might have complex requirements. At the same time, it’s important to submit a mistake-free paper by the deadline. Because many students have a busy schedule, there are writing apps that can help you organize your written papers and drafts better, keep track of your ideas, and check your drafts for clarity and any errors. These apps are exactly what any UK student needs to improve and develop his writing skills. 


Author Bio: James Collins is a journalist, blogger, and content writer. He collaborates with many local newspapers and television and also writes on his blog. James writes on topics such as writing skills, productivity, and time management.