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Grainger and Rudd stay with Workington

Workington Reds are currently sitting at the top of the Northern Premier League and seems to
be coping well with the covid-19 outbreak which caused the curtailment and glory of the club’s
managing duo that had put an extra effort to see the Workington Reds rise up the table.

For this reason, Danny Grainger and Steven Rudd, the team’s manager and his assistant have
decided to stay with the team through another two-and-a-half-year contract to confirm their
already two-campaign long and successful efforts.


The new commitment is so both managers can continue to make the team strong and sturdy for the future.

The team’s chairman also stated the delight at having Grainger and Rudd on the team for a
while longer, since they claim they indeed felt the impact the former Carlisle United captain and
his second-in-command had done for the club who met the halt of the last campaign as number
three on the board.

The club is still waiting on the FA decision on how the ongoing campaign is going to be treated
– will it continue on or will it be curtailed. The exact details of the closure are as of yet unknown.


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney taking Wrexham, plans for the stadium renovation

Who said Canadians and Americans don’t like soccer?

It’s official – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are the proud owners of Wrexham.


There have been rumors and even reports in the past few months and this can feel like old news, but the deal with the Wrexham Supporters
is now officially finalized and concluded, so Ryan and Rob can sleep peacefully.


They have already invested two million pounds to the team for recruitment and such, so the financial
injection has come to the club perfectly amid the covid-19 outbreak that has seen even the
giants struggling.

The actors plan to eventually renovate and revamp the club’s home stadium, swore an oath to
‘Always beat Chester’ on social media, but their biggest long-term plans are on improving both
the male and female teams and take the club into the 4-tier league, and on.


Why have Reynolds and McElhenney decided on buying Wrexham?


Wryan and Wrob have big plans for the club’s commercial profile and we should remind that Wrexham is actually the third oldest club in the world.


More Live Stream Viewers Expected for Cheltenham Festival Than Non-League!

The next big sports activity being streamed live across the world is the Cheltenham Festival. Eat your heart out in non-league football as Cheltenham gains higher live sports stream audiences per day than an average non-league football weekend.

Of course, the Cheltenham Festival appeals to a wide audience and it is streamed live across multiple media channels.
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via their mobile, laptop and/or desktop from 12 to 15 March.


There are multiple options for free live streams and ones that require a small bet on a sports bookmaker website to gain access to
a live stream to watch the Cheltenham Festival. Plus, there are various sports platforms also showing the action unfolding in real time!


Sanctions and fines out of a recommendation by the National League

The NL has decided not to raise sanctions and fines against the clubs that have not been fulfilling their fixtures over the course of recent months since the covid-19 outbreak to be precise.

While claiming the non-fixture charges are only a mechanism that deals with each individual non-fulfilment, they add that an independent panel is going to be appointed in order to hear each of the cases so the said cases can be objectively reviewed with the ‘just cause’ issue at the current stage.

The outcomes will be announced after every individual case has been processed, with the
league refraining from any comments during that process.


Further appeals to the league and an additional panel for these cases have been planned out.