Illegal puppy farm trader Khloe Robinson, 26, from #Kensington, #Liverpool escapes prison sentence

In another prosecution case brought by the increasingly impressive charity Animal Protection Services, mother-of-two Khloe Robinson admitted operating a business selling puppies without a licence.
Robinson sourced puppies from puppy farms and then sold them online to unsuspecting buyers.
One puppy – a pug named Doug (pictured) – was sold to a buyer for £1,200. But the purchaser complained to Animal Protection Services after the puppy died within hours of being collected.
Vets were unable to do anything to save Doug, who had to be put to sleep to end his pain and suffering.
James Parry, prosecuting, told the court that Animal Protection Services had discovered that Robinson had advertised three litters of puppies on two websites and stood to have gained £12,000 from her activities.
He added that Robinson did not have a pet shop licence to sell animals.
Robinson told the court she was on benefits and had never worked but she had not repaid the money and could not recall what she had spent it on.
A spokesman for Animal Protection Services said after sentencing: “We are committed to ending the illegal trade in puppies which causes so much unnecessary suffering to puppies and their families. This was the worst case we have successfully prosecuted to date”.
Sentencing: 12-month community order, with an eight-week curfew. Ordered to repay Doug’s £1,200 purchase price and the costs of the veterinary treatment. Robinson was banned from keeping and dealing in dogs for three years.