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Residents outside of 100-metre exclusion zone can return home as of 6pm this evening

Residents outside of 100-metre exclusion zone can return home as of 6pm this evening, UKNIP

Residents who were evacuated from their homes in Exeter while the detonation of a World War Two bomb took place, can return home.

Those who live within the 100-metre cordon/exclusion zone however, cannot return home this evening.

All other residents who had been evacuated within the 400-metre cordon can return as of 6pm, this evening, Sunday 28 February.

The 1,000kg ‘Hermann bomb’ was detonated at 6.10pm last night, Saturday 27 February.

Extensive and crucial safety assessment work has been ongoing since its detonation by multiple partner agencies.

This included the use of a crane to remove large pieces of metal, which had formed part of the Ministry of Defence’s mitigation structure surrounding the bomb, from nearby roofs.

Fencing has been erected around the 100-metre exclusion zone which includes Glenthorne Road – where the bomb was located – Cowley View, Jefford House and Charleston House.

Exeter City Council is making direct contact with residents who live within the exclusion zone and cannot return home tonight, who they are already in contact with, i.e. because they’ve arranged hotel accommodation for them. Any residents within the exclusion zone who are not in contact with the council should make contact via the helpline, 0345 155 1015 which is open until 7pm this evening, or from 9am in the morning.

Those residents who have been provided with hotel accommodation can stay in their hotels tonight if they prefer.

Exeter University is communicating directly with its 1,400 halls of residence students who have been evacuated. Students have been informed that they are not returning today.

Any Livewest customers are asked to contact Livewest prior to returning to their homes on, 0300 123 8080.

The operation pre and post detonation involved dozens of volunteers including from Dartmoor Search and Rescue, the Coastguard, Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response and others.

Police, Devon County Council and Exeter City Council would like to acknowledge the impact the incident has had on evacuated residents and the wider community and thank everyone impacted for their patience and understanding.

Evacuated residents advised of unlikelihood of returning home today

Extensive, multi-agency building assessment work is continuing this morning within the 400-metre cordon of the WW2 bomb detonation site on Glenthorne Road, Exeter.

Every effort is being made to ensure the timely conclusion of the assessments in the hope some evacuated residents may be able to return home this evening.

However, evacuated residents are advised to work on a worst-case scenario basis, that they will not be able to return home this evening.

The council has confirmed that those already in hotel accommodation will be able to stay in their hotels tonight if necessary.

The council helpline is open until 5pm today for any evacuated residents needing support or advice: 0345 155 1015.