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A violent burglar who assaulted a police officer has been jailed

A violent burglar who assaulted a police officer has been jailed, UKNIP


Officers were attending an unrelated incident in Burns Street, Mansfield, shortly after 9.20pm on Thursday 10 September when they noticed Grzegorz Wus, who was wanted for breaching a court order.

As they attempted to arrest him Wus became violent – pulling away from the officers and screaming at the top of his voice.

With his right wrist handcuffed Wus lashed out at the male officer who was trying to detain him, causing them both to trip over a wall and stumble to the ground.

Still maintaining his grip on the handcuffs the officer deployed an irritant spray into Wus’ face but this had little effect on his behaviour.

As he was still grappling with Wus the officer noticed a knife had fallen to the floor and, fearing for the safety of himself and his colleague, fought to keep the suspect as far away from is it as possible.

Wus, 39, of Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfied, was eventually detained with the help of additional officers and a member of the public.

The arresting officer sustained cuts and bruises to his face, arms and hand.

Wus later admitted to assaulting an emergency worker, going equipped to steal, and possessing class B drugs.

He also admitted to two burglaries in the Mansfield area after he was forensically linked to the crimes by his DNA.

On 9 August 2019 Wus stole electrical items, food and gardening items from an address in Renfew Court, Mansfield. He was linked to the crime by an open bottle of water he left at the scene.

Wus also admitted to a burglary on a building site in Quarry Lane, Mansfield, between 28 and 31 December. On that occasion left his DNA on a cup of team we’d made in the site cabin.

Wus pleaded guilty to the assault and burglary offences and was sentenced to a total of 15 months in prison.

Inspector Nick Butler, district commander for Mansfield, said: “Wus is a violent burglar with a clear and obvious disregard for the law. On the day of the assault my officers were simply doing what they do every day – keeping people safe and protecting the public from harm.

“They spotted Wus in the street and quite rightly sought to bring him into custody. After trying and failign to pass himself off as somebody else he launched a ferocious assault on the arresting officers.

As a large and powerful man his actions that day posed a serious risk to the officers’ safety. It is thanks to their courage and professionalism that he is now been brought to justice. I would also like to pay tribute to the member of the public who came to assist during this incident.

“I hope this incident serves as a reminder not only of the very severe consequences that come with assaulting police officers, but also of how seriously we take offences of burglaries. We do investigate the scenes of crimes very thoroughly and will use DNA evidence to convict offenders who are careless enough to leave it at the scene.”