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A  man who photographed his unconscious victim after he had raped her in a park in Hayes has been convicted


Thomas Mangar, 36  of Bourne Avenue, Hillingdon was found guilty on Monday, 8 March of rape and sexual assault following a four day trial at Isleworth Crown Court. He will be sentenced on Monday, 26 April.

On Monday, 11 May, 2020, the victim, a woman in her late 20s, had met up with two friends in the evening. She remembers her intention of going home but was later unable to recall how she came to be in Hitherbroom Park in Hayes.

At around 2.45pm  the following day (Tuesday, 12 May), the victim awoke in a daze, on the grass of the park, to find a man raping her. She began screaming at the unknown man, which alerted a nearby member of the public.

During the trial, the court heard testimony from a male witness who heard the victim’s screams and saw her push and hit her attacker.

The witness had a brief conversation with the victim before he called the police and upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim and the witness.

The witness explained to officers that prior to their arrival he had chased and caught up with the attacker who had told him he was trying to help the victim, believing she was having a heart attack. Both men parted company on Avondale Drive, Hillingdon.

Four days later, the witness spotted Mangar again within the vicinity of the park and called police who arrested him.

They heard how photographic evidence was found on Mangar’s phone, it included selfies taken by him with his thumbs up and of the victim lying down, exposed and in an unconscious state. During the trial, the jury also heard that DNA evidence from a condom was recovered from the scene – it carried the profile of Mangar. There was also the profile of the victim found on a discarded and torn condom wrapper nearby.

Detective Constable Alan Wong, the investigating officer, said: “Mangar carried out an audacious attack on a vulnerable female in broad daylight whilst she was unconscious with no capacity to consent or defend herself until she remembered his breathing woke her up and him on top of her. Thankfully, a member of the public witnessed part of the incident and called the police.

“Although Mangar fled the scene he was identified four days later by the same member of public and this time the police arrested Mangar and a thorough investigation ensued with a tremendous team effort of the West Area Sapphire Team.

“The victim in this case has shown tremendous strength and courage to engage with the police; her evidence and that of the male witness were vital in ensuring a dangerous individual has been brought to justice.

“We are pleased to have secured this verdict which will, I hope, give the victim some measure of comfort and closure as well as encourage other victims of sexual assault to come forward to police and be assured that we will thoroughly investigate.”