The Implications of EU Without the UK

One of the biggest historical events on the European continent the last couple of decades is the exist of the UK from the EU. A narrowly successful referendum set the gears in motion that would discount the UK from EU fold and one question is on everybody’s lips: what happens now?

In this article we will discuss some of the implications Brexit has had on both the EU and UK to see where both entities are headed in the future.

The EU – German Domination

For many years, the EU has tried to centralize and federalize itself into a proper state with larger levels of cooperation and integration. This was just one of the many things that rubbed British citizens the wrong way.

This effort by the EU is largely spearheaded by France and Especially Germany. The UK has always functioned as natural balancing power against both France and Germany vetoing many proposals and centralization efforts.

Now that the veto balancing power of the UK is gone, the EU has no barriers in its way to follow any direction it desires. With Germany at its head we can only speculate what will happen in the coming decades. It is a game of chance like any at Spin online casino, but one thing we can be certain of is that centralization efforts will throttle forward.

The UK – Regained Sovereignty

The UK out of the EU now has a lot more agency in its own internal affairs, but it has not come without its price. The stock market has been in chaos, experiencing fluctuations all too frequently. Businesses in the UK operating on the mainland of Europe has been bogged down in new red tape and find it hard to compete.

Access to the European internal market has been more or less restricted and they now rely on China or the US. Whether the UK really has gained or lost sovereignty on this move is to be determined still. But things are not looking as smooth as they could be. Brexit has also caused an even larger divide between England Scotland than existed before, as Scotland wished to remain within the EU. This further spurred independence sentiments.

Who Won and Lost?

In an ideal world we would say that both parties won. The UK wanted more sovereignty and control of internal and foreign affairs. The EU wanted to be able to centralize more. In theory both obtained this, but the benefits are skewed.

The EU seems to have won the most. Without the UK nothing really stops the Union from moving forward. The UK is a little more difficult to evaluate. Without the EU they have lost a lot of their bludgeoning power on the foreign states. They now rely on support from other major powers such as the US and or China. How this will affect internal and external control is difficult to say. We must wait and see what time has in store.