The Smithy Family say “Good Bye Beautiful People” after quitting all social media platforms this evening

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The Smithy family with over 3.5 million follows have said “Good Bye Beautiful People” after quitting all platforms this evening.  Nick said “This past week has been too much we have been working seven days a week and Tiktok was a way of me having fun and being with my family this past week has been a drag and the fun just isn’t there any more we are quitting social media.


We would like to thank everyone for the money raised on the go fund me page we are going to take this and we are going to pay upfront the rent and move to gated property on a private estate whilst we have the house repaired that will take over a year to put right. The insurance is going to cover all the damage.

 We have shared our story from start to finish. We have shared the love of our family we have made some amazing friends from doing the social media bit but the time has come so goodbye beautiful people.