Southampton Acid Mum Blinded after Attack

TWO brothers were being hunted by cops yesterday suspected of throwing acid in the face of a mum of six.


Billy, 22, and Geoffrey Midmore, 26, are on the run after Carla Whitlock was attacked on a night out with her boyfriend.

Carla, 37, suffered horrific burns to her face, neck and arm and will be in hospital for up to two months.

Doctors have warned she may be permanently blinded in her right eye. A relative said: “She is in a lot of pain and is very badly scarred. We don’t understand why this has happened.”

Carla was out on Friday evening when two men hurled approximately 200ml of acid in her face at Guildhall Square, Southampton. A nearby bar worker said: “Her face looked like it was melting.”

The Midmores, from London, are both stocky. Geoffrey is 5ft 1in with a tattooed back showing an image of Jesus and Satan with the words “Same s***, different day”. 5ft 8in Billy has a scar on his left arm.

Tattoos . . Geoffrey Det Insp Will Whale said: “I appeal to Billy and Geoffrey to give themselves up now. We consider them to be dangerous individuals and clearly a potential risk to members of the public.”