Police Car Crashes after Chasing Suspected Burglar in Southampton

A PEDESTRIAN has been injured after being hit by a unmarked police car which then ploughed into a shop window in Southampton.
The vehicle came off the road and ploughed into a shop in Victoria Road,  Woolston, close to the Victoria Hotel pub shortly after 2pm.

The road has been sealed off while investigations take place.


The vehicle, an unmarked police BMW, also then collided with Victoria News newsagent shop and a parked car. The shop window was broken and the parked car received minor damage.
The injured man, 23, was on foot at the time. He has been taken to hospital for treatment.
According to a police spokesperson, the man “was being sought by police at the time of the collision”. He has been arrested on suspicion of multiple dwelling burglaries.
Roads Policing Unit officers are investigating and the force Professional Standards Department is reviewing the circumstances.

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The officer who was driving the car has not been arrested and is still on duty.
One witness who saw the aftermath said to the : “We heard the sirens and heard a bang and wondered what had happened.
“My son said the car mounted the pavement. The car is still hanging out of the shop.