Chemical Spill Sparks Alert at Southampton Docks

Southampton, Hampshire Thursday 8th October 2015 Firefighters in decontamination suits were called to a reported chemical spill at Dock Gate 20 in Southampton Docks, earlier today

At least six Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services emergency vehicles went to the scene, including specialist decontamination units.

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue Fire and Rescue spokesman said at the time:“We are attending a possible chemical spill within an area in the docks.

Several businesses in the area were evacuated while the spill, believed to have been from a container was tackled.
A Hampshire Police spokesman said: “Hampshire Police along with partner emergency services were called to the scene of a chemical spill in Herbert Walker Avenue within the Southampton Dock, this morning.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”52480694″ albumkey=”4Z6WFS” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”LargeURL” imagelink=”LightboxURL” ] “The Fire Service have set up a precautionary cordon at the scene whilst they deal with the spill, and police officers are assisting them at the cordon.”
A spokeswoman from Pentavial said she was on the phone when the firefighters came in to evacuate them.

“They said it was a possible chemical leak,” she said.
“I saw three fire engines and a lorry cordoned off down the road. The firefighters were changing into their gear.