Police still Combing the area for Flea Suspects

Officers have had to move from the base in Kingston Crescent while experts fumigate the whole building

The base in Kingston Crescent’s being fumigated today (Friday 9 October) and should be back open on Monday

It’s not known where it all started but the public are being reminded that no animals are allowed into police buildings.

A spokesperson from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner comments:

“We can confirm that Fratton Police Station has been fumigated for animal fleas this morning and staff will be able to return to the building from 0700 on Monday.

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“This infestation could only have happened because an animal has entered the building, so we would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that animals must not be brought into police buildings, apart from guide dogs.

“We are aware that the closure of Fratton Police Station could inconvenience the public and police staff and appreciate the flexibility they have demonstrated while this problem is treated.”