Couple devastated after Fire rips Through Home

The aftermath after fire ripped through the home in Lee on the Solent.
A  stray firework is believed to have caused a fire at a property in Lee on the Solent last night.(Saturday)

The young couple who have only lived in the property for a few months are said to be devastated.

One neighbour who did not wished to be named said that the young couple where in tears telling them of the damage. The young family who were out at the time and are now staying with relatives in the area.

The neighbour who called 999 said that” There was a Halloween figure attached to the door a cloth one that was caught by  the firework. It happened all so quickly. The figure caught alight and than spread to the door there where flames travelling up the door frame. I ran back into my house and called the fire service. They arrived very quickly and tackled the fire.”


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Pumpkins can still be seen outside the property that caught fire

Fire Crews from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Battled to stop the blaze from spreading to roof and other areas of the property in Cockerell Close after being called just after 7.30pm

Fire crews wearing four breathing apparatus using two hose reels  and one Jet extinguished the fire.

Neighbours alerted the fire service after flames where seen licking the front door of the property.

The owners who had only moved in the property  a couple of month ago  were out at the time with their children trick or  treating. No one is  believed to have been hurt  in the  fire.