Police talk man down from roof of Building Site in Weacock Cowplain.

Negotiators were called to a partial built block of flats on Milton Road Cowplain last night  after a man was spotted on the roof.
The specialists spent more than three hours talking to the man who had climbed the scaffolding surrounding the partial built block of newly built homes  on Milton Road near to the junction of Eagle Avenue on Sunday  night.
Officers diverted traffic from  shopping precinct and threw up police cordons at both ends of Milton Road as the negotiators tried to talk the man into safely coming down.
The road from Eagle Avenue  leading up to Milton Road  was also closed to both pedestrians and motor vehicles. A large group of people gathered at the cordon as the man shouted down at Police and fire crews.
However, shortly before 12.30am on Sunday Morning  the man climbed down from the building and was taken into police custody.

[SME_gallery ids=’hrDfSwx,wqLmfZb,kGPxdgt,4Qgk5jB,5mDQdkq,ZQ5qq4T,QdLsJ3L,rJ6gTd5,jdhGPQM,XL3WMh6,zRdR6br,GPK7nXv’ size=’ThumbURL’ columns=’4′ caption=” link=” new=”] A Spokesman for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police said : “We were called at approximately 10pm. Officers found a male on the scaffolding of the Building site in a distressed state.
“He was agitated and refused to come down.
“From a public safety perspective, as well as his own safety, we talked to him until we got specialist negotiators in, who continued to engage with him.
“He moved around the building and at one point he came to the front.

Police also called in the an aerial ladder  and a second fire appliance  was on standby  whilst negations  took place with the man. “The negotiators managed to have the male safely brought to the ground.”