Neighbour Saves Best Mate after House Explosion

A man has been rescued by his neighbour   after a house exploded in a quiet residential street earlier this evening, leaving two injured.

30 people where evacuated and asked to leave there homes  following the “huge explosion” in Old Watery Lane, Wooburn Green, at about 5.30pm, with residents reporting that nearby buildings shook from the force of the blast.
Dozens of firefighters remain at the scene, tackling the smouldering semi-detached building which appears to have been completely destroyed.

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The road is currently shut, with people from about five houses in the road, off Watery Lane, being asked to leave their homes as a safety precaution.

A Spokesman from Bucks Fire and Rescue confirmed that they rescued a man, injured, and a woman was released, before they arrived, One  person is described as having serious   injuries from the blast.

A resident from Barley Fields, who did not want to be named, said: “I just heard a loud explosion. I didn’t think anything of it at first and then I had a message from my daughter saying ‘are you still alive’.

“It’s really worrying. It looks to me like it has taken the building clean away. All you could see was dust and water in a big empty space.”

Tania Hancocks said: “This was so scary. The explosion went right through us and the power from it was like a bomb. The poor family. Thought and prays go out to them.”

Abbie Barszcz said: “Poor people… I hope no one was in and who evers house it is is ok and have somewhere to go.. Losing a house like that must be totally devastating.”