Faulty Charger May have Caused House Fire in Waterlooville

A faulty phone  charger is believed to have caused the fire that gutted one Waterlooville  home and damaged the roof and other part of another.

The fire started at about 3.45pm and crews from Havant, Portchester and Cosham were called to tackle the  blaze.  A Further crew from Southsea also attended and supported with the clear up operation.

The Home owner who  was home alone at the time had a working smoke alarm that alerted her to the fact that her bedroom was on fire.  The woman home has been totally gutted by fire who was too upset to speak this evening alerted the fire service just after 3.40  this afternoon.

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Crews arrived on the scene very quick said one Jasmine Road Resident.

The fire service said that the fire  has destroyed  the first floor of the two-storey end-of-terrace house.  At the height of the fire 20 fire fighters dealt with the bring the rapidly developing fire under control . Crews  wearing breathing apparatus sets and four hose reel to tackle the fire.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Watch Manger Jim Tickner based at  Havant Fire Station said the cause of the blaze in Jasmine Road, Waterloovile  on Monday Evening  was still officially “undetermined”, but he could not rule out the failure of a mobile phone charger an import from China.

He urged people not to leave their phones charging unattended for long periods of time and to be weary of using non CE branded chargers.
“Be mindful about charging phones for an extended period of time.

He  went to on praise the work carried out by the fire crews and the amount of work they had put in to stopping the spread of the fire  to the adjourning homes.

Watch Manager Tickner would not comment on what led investigators to believe a phone charger was to blame, until a report on the fire was complete by the fire investigation team.
One piece of safety advise he  also gave was people should check the cords to ensure they were not bent or broken and to test your smoke alarm