Dozy Fly Tippers Caught Red Handed in Fareham

A quick-thinking member of the public turned detective and turned the tables on a set of Flyers trippers this week.
The two dodgy Cowboy builders were caught red-handed unloading their blue transit van packed full of bricks, rubble and waste and emptied their illegal load in broad daylight in Pinks Hill Fareham.
The stunned passing motorist had to do a double-take when he saw what was going on. The driver who didn’t want to be named, said “To say I was shocked is an understatement. The area is such a nice place and these mindless buffoons have just baited it by throwing rubbish and dumping waste without a care in the world.”

[SME_gallery ids=’fCJb5FM,v7Cd8WQ,fLpLvXT,QrdDhnd,TqDmc6L,ZgF7DLf,pQGtBVf,xKCB7xG’ size=’ThumbURL’ columns=’4′ caption=” link=” new=”] The 20 second video clip has been passed on to Fareham Borough Council who are working with Hampshire Police to trace the owner of the vehicle to see what explanation he can come up with.

Executive Member for Public Protection, Cllr Trevor Cartwright said: “Fareham Borough Council are currently investigating this case. There are plenty of facilities in the Borough for residents and commercial businesses to dispose of their waste safely and correctly. Not only is fly tipping dangerous, it is also illegal and blights the environment. If you do witness fly tipping in the Borough, please report it on our website or call us.”