Biker injured after crash on Bishopsfield Road Fareham

A  biker remains in hospital following a smash with a  car on Bishopsfield Road in Fareham. Emergency services attended just after 7.20pm on Friday evening.

Police closed  a section of Bishopsfield Road in Fareham following the incident.The motorbike  was in  Collision with a  blue car. The biker hit the front of the car with great force smashing the  windscreen. Witnesses  have described seeing the man being thrown up in the air. A Bishopsfield Road resident said “I hope the lad is alright it was a very upsetting thing to watch. It  all happened so quickly as well.

A  Solo rapid response paramedic treated the man at the scene whilst they waited for an ambulance to attend that was delayed due to one not  being available.

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A fire crew from Fareham attended the  scene but only carried out scene safety a spokeswoman for the  service said that no other action was taken by the crew.  Officers from Hampshire Constabulary said “He didn’t think the man’s injuries where serious”.