Multi Vehicle Accident on M27 Motorway Hampshire

A busy stretch of motorway in Hampshire has been closed this evening following an accident

The M27 Junction nine near Whiteley  was blocked after a multi-vehicle accident

It involved eight vehicle, and happened just after 9.30pm on Sunday Evening.

Emergency Services rushed to the scene, Fire Crews from three areas attended the incident and had to cut  one person from their  vehicle.  The motorway was briefly closed off in both directions and there was  talk of the Air Ambulance being  called in  but due to weather it wasn’t able to land.
The driver of one of the was trapped by his legs for an hour as firefighters and emergency crews battled to free him from the wreckage.

A South Central Ambulance spokesman said two ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, a paramedic officer  attended the scene.
A spokeswoman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue service said: “ We received a  called at 10.37 this evening Crews arrived to find eight vehicles that are believed to have been in a collision.
“The driver of a one of the vehicle was trapped in the his vehicle by his legs. The driver believed to be middle aged received emergency treatment at the scene by medics, who worked with the fire service to ensure the patient was released as quickly and safely as possible. The man was released from the vehicle in around 60 minutes.

[SME_gallery ids=’NgxFGvp,xLxDkr5,hzff6BQ,8FLKmmW,LgLMQDs,fz57KLG,Xvx3GhF,WhzndRS’ size=’LargeURL’ columns=’4′ caption=” link=” new=”] “Once the patient’s condition was stabilised he was taken to the QA Hospital in Cosham for  further treatment.
The Eastbound carriageway is  not expected to completely re-open until just after 1am Monday morning according to the Highways Agency.