Police Launch Crime Probe at Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth

Police have thrown up cordon tape around the seven-a-side astro turf football pitch at the Mountbatten Centre in Alex Way North Parade  this evening.

Officers were keeping tight lipped on what had happen and are refusing to reveal any details. The area remained cordoned off as a crime scene and is being guarded by two officers from Hampshire Constabulary in a patrol car.

A passer-by from the Portsdown Hill area who asked not to be named said “I was in shock, I was walking pass and saw the drama unfolding at the Mouthbatten Centre Alver Way as it happened at around 6.45pm. I saw all the Police and two Paramedic cars turn up on blue lights followed by an ambulance and a Police van.

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There was a person laying on the ground and someone was laying over him trying to give him CPR. There was a lot of Police from what I saw it didn’t look good.”