Island MP A Call to Arms – for Lunching Ladies and Others

The Island’s MP Andrew Turner attended the Isle of Wight Conservative Ladies’ Luncheon Club as their guest speaker last Friday, 29th January. Speaking to the 80 strong audience the MP spoke about the core problems with the EU and called for people to join the Grass-roots (GO) Out. He pointed out that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring back our national sovereignty, and that the GO campaign is a cross-party initiative open to everyone.

Mr Turner said:
“Figures recently released show that we are still one of the fasting-growing economies in the world. But there is an elephant in the room. And although it may be inconvenient to mention the big, grey, clumsy creature, I’m afraid I’m going to talk about him. It is the failure of the European Union.

“And as an elephant evolved from a type of shrew, the former Common Market has evolved into a group of countries seeking ‘ever closer union’. They have a president, a Flag, an anthem, a fledgling army, and for most of them no borders.

“The elephant has sucked up our sovereignty, trampled over our ancient rights and freedoms, and is eating us out of house and home. It’s time for us deal with him once and for all.

“It’s no secret that I have been a Euro-sceptic all my adult life. But more and more people are coming round to this way of thinking. So how are we to slay this mammoth? One thing we must overcome is our disinclination of working with people we don’t usually regard as allies.

“We are reaching out to others, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us all to bring our sovereignty home. I was recently with 2,000 like-minded people at the GO Campaign launch. Lots of Conservatives, but also people like Kate Hoey, a sensible Labour MP. Nigel Farage, who needs no introduction, and Sammy Wilson MP, a straight-talking Ulsterman.

“This campaign is for those of us who are fed up with ceding more and more powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Fed up with British money raised through British taxes from British people being controlled by the EU. Of course, this has been brought into sharp focus by the migrant crisis and the utter failure of the EU to handle it properly. But it is only one symptom of what is wrong. So rather than deal with the symptoms, we need to sort out the cause. The referendum could be upon us as early as June.

“I want friends and supporters to be at the heart of the campaign here on the Island. So this is a call to arms. If you want the United Kingdom to be independent, to control our own borders and be a sovereign nation again then please join us.”

Anybody interested in getting involved can contact Mr Turner on [email protected] People can also sign up to the national campaign at