Dramatic pictures shows Portsmouth The Range ram-raided as police still search for thieves

A Police manhunt is on after ram raiders used a car to smash through security shutters at The Range in Burrfields Portsmouth on Friday night.

A stolen Vauxhall Corsa was used to drive through the blue security shutter door just before midnight on Friday.

Officers were called at 11.36pm on Friday night to The Range in Portfield Industrial Estate, off Portfield Rd

Witnesses reported seeing the car being reversed into the home and leisure retail shop at speed before making off with their stolen haul of good and cash from the store.

The Raiders men in balaclavas then made off in a Grey VW beetle making off with their stolen haul of goods and cash from the store.

Shortly after the Police turned up said one man who asked not to be named.

Police described the robbery as happening “super-quick” but one of the two vehicles involved has been will be recovered for a forensic examination that will hopefully hold some clue to who is behind the raids

Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

Anyone with any information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact Hampshire Police via 101 quoting crime reference