Police arrest Teen in Portsmouth after sucker punching cat with full force

police arrest teen in portsmouth after sucker punching cat with full force

Police in Portsmouth are investigating a video that has been uploaded on to the social media platform Snapchat showing a teenager attacking a defenceless cat in a residential street in Portsmouth.

The shocking footage shows the yob approaching the ginger cat on a garden wall and carrying out a single sucker punch on the animal. A group of his friends video the attack and laugh. The video has been viewed thousands of times since the attack that is understood to have taken place on Saturday afternoon.

The cat flies off the wall into a nearby garden and is understood to be recovering from its ordeal. A call with a posting asking for the feral yob to name has been placed on facebook and twitter.

Hampshire Constabulary have said they are investigating and have arrested a 15-year-old boy from the local area on officers of Animal welfare and he remains in custody.
The RSCPA has also said if anyone can provide further information they will assist officers.
A spokesman from the Constabulary said: Officers have arrested a 15-year old boy on suspicion of an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. He’s currently in police custody.
Anyone with information is asked to call Police on 101, ref 44190180705.