Dartford Armed Robber jailed for seven years

dartford armed robber jailed for seven years

A man who carried out armed robberies at a bookmakers and post offices in Bexley and Dartford has been jailed following his sentencing on Thursday, 30 May.

Michael McClusky, 31 of Brinkburn Close, SE2 was sentenced to ten years imprisonment with an extended license at Woolwich Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery on Thursday, 21 March. McClusky’s sentence will see him serve seven years imprisonment and a further seven years on license.

The court heard that McClusky along with another man entered various commercial premises in possession of axes, threatening staff and stealing money and other items.

The first offence occurred on 30 January, at 20:00 hours at a bookmakers in Avenue Road, Bexley. Two men armed with axes entered through the front door and walked to the counter. They smashed through the glass window separating the staff from the customers, with one of them putting the axe to the staff member’s throat.

They stole over £2,000 in cash along with cheque books and keys to the fruit machines.

On 5 February at 11:20 hours at a Post Office in Southfleet road, Dartford two men entered the store with axes, a staff member confronted them and was hit with the handle of the axe and punched. The men only managed to grab £5 and run out followed by a staff member who had seen the suspects get into a red vehicle believed to be a Volkswagen golf.

In a third incident at approximately 11:48 Hours a Post Office in Forest Road was targeted. Two men entered the store with axes demanding money. Tills were emptied and the men left when the panic alarm was pressed and were chased by a member of staff and who also saw them get it to a red vehicle which was parked in Cedar Road DA8.

Shortly after the last incident the getaway vehicle was spotted by officers from Kent police who attempted to pull the vehicle over which then made off from them. The car was lost and shortly after two men were seen by officers from Kent at Priory Road talking to a taxi driver, they looked out of breath so the officers parked up and got out to speak to them. The men ran off, but one was detained. This man was identified as McClusky and was then arrested for robbery.

A cheque taken from the till of Erith post office had then been found in the bag of McClusky when he was arrested. A black baseball cap that was worn by the suspect in the robberies from CCTV was identical to the baseball cap found down McClusky’s trousers when he was arrested. McClusky’s blood was also located at both the Avenue Road and Forest Road robberies.

He was charged with three counts of robbery on 7th February.

A 32-year-old arrested on 20 February was released under investigation.

Detective Sergeant Ian Barnard, South East Command Unit CID said: “McClusky is a very dangerous man with a complete disregard for the law. McClusky was already out on licence at the time he committed these offences. His conviction is a joint effort by the Met and Kent police, with the investigation led by officers from the Met and Kent police able to spot the vehicle and immediately detain McClusky. I am glad that a lengthy custodial sentence has been handed down and this criminal is off the streets and is unable to inflict any further violence.”

His Honour Judge Shorrock of Woolwich Crown Court said, “McClusky has a poor attitude to society and see’s offending as a normal port of life. McClusky poses a high risk of harm to members of the public and the public must be protected from him”.