Urgent plea for hotel space as school children let down on the Isle of Wight

Urgent plea for hotel space as school children let down

‘We don’t want to let these kids down’

That’s from the Managing Director of Education Destination, following the last minute failure of a hotel to provide accommodation for visiting school children.

Jon Carter is now asking Isle of Wight hoteliers if they can help provide accommodation for a group of 56 school children from the mainland for a week in June:

‘It’s just so important for us that we don’t let these kids down, that they have the holiday experience reward of the Island that was on offer and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that still happens and certainly looking to reach out to people that can help us.’

Isle of Wight based Education Destination has been successful in bringing parties of school children to the Island since 2014, providing resources and activities for them to learn from and enjoy, and visiting local attractions and businesses.

Jon explains why the Isle of Wight is the perfect location:

‘You have various places that can offer something like a beach, you have various places that can offer a bit of history, you have various places that can offer technology, but there’s nowhere else in the world that can offer as much as the Isle of Wight can in the geography that we’ve got.’

Jon says it is sometimes about more than education:

‘For these kids, coming to the Isle of Wight means a lot of things, it’s kind of an end of year reward in ways, and it’s their chance to blow off their steam. ‘

Originally, two groups of children had been let down – leading to a last minute dash to find suitable alternative accommodation.

One group, due to arrive next week, is in the process of being looked after, but a second group of 56 school children and their teachers are due to arrive on the week beginning June 17.

Education Destination is looking for an accommodation provider that can help them now – and if the visit is successful, work with them over the coming years to provide lasting memories for the young people.

Jon says that the pleasure from seeing happy faces is just one part of the process:

‘The smile you see on their faces from the moment they arrive, whilst they’re here and when the leave, they just seem to have this constant smile on their face, which is great. You could say that’s all well and good – they come back. We have, over the past few years, seen every single pretty much group that’s come to the Isle of Wight has kept on returning, so we must be doing something right here as an island.’

If you can help Education Destination with accommodation and ensure that the children have a break and enjoy their time away on the Isle of Wight, please contact Education Destination on 01983 216114 or email [email protected]