Fire Cuts debated at Portsmouth City Council Meeting

fire cuts debated at portsmouth city council meeting

The three speakers where each  given six minutes to put across their points this was than debated by the City Councillors. The  three speakers where Tom wood,  Deputy Fire Chef Neil Odin and a  member of the Fire BrigadesUnion (FBU)  Mark Chapman.
This was heard at the  full council meeting after an unsuccessful attempt to hold a special meeting that was thrown out by the Portsmouth Lord Mayor to hold a special meeting over proposals to change the city’s fire and rescue cover.

A 1,000 signature  petition  was  than submitted to the authority urging it to oppose plans that they say could put lives at risk.
Southsea fire station could see its crew go from 20 to 16 and its three fire engines be replaced with an enhanced vehicle, intermediate vehicle and a first response vehicle – a move that would save £580,000 a year. Cosham could see one of its two fire engines swapped for a smaller vehicle.

The Council’s rules state that as the petition contains more than 1,000 signatures it will be debated by the Full Council (if the lead petitioner so requests and they do) even if the issue has been considered by the Council within the last 24 months and it not a matter the Full Council can determine.

Here is the  response from the Council: