Wightlink MV St Clare engine problem likely to affect Isle of Wight Festival Traffic

wightlink mv st clare engine problem likely to affect isle of wight festival traffic

Travellers using Wightlink are very likely to face 30 to 60 minutes delays and extra time being added to their crossing after Wightlinks MV St Clare has developed a major engine fault on one of her three engines we can reveal. The company are loathed to send the ship away for work to repair the fault as they struggle to try and keep time on the current service that has already seen delays to travellers using the service this week. A source within the company has revealed that a major fault has developed on MV St Clare and the engine needs to be removed and repaired, that will mean sending the vessel away to dry dock. The source further revealed that bosses don’t want to send the vessel away during Festival week due to the number of bookings that have been taken. With space at a premium, it’s expected a lot of the shortfalls will be picked up by the companies flagship vessel Victoria of Wight. 30 to 60-minute delays were being displayed on the departures board at Fishbourne and these are to stay throughout the week.