Search sparked after Private Mobile Radio “Mayday message” alert sent in Portsmouth

search sparked after private mobile radio mayday message alert sent in portsmouth

A multi-agency search has been launched to investigate a report of a mayday message received on a Private mobile MR radio set in Kingston.

Rescue Officers attended and interviewed the first informant, with information, received this sparked a multi-agency search of Portsmouth Harbour and surrounding shorelines involving the Hillhead Coastguard and two lifeboats from Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service and Rescue and the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter Rescuw175.

After an extensive search, nothing untoward was found, with the search being suspended at around 1.15am on Saturday morning pending further information.

Anyone who may have information relating to, or heard a mayday message on a Private Mobile radio on Friday night is urged to contact the Coastguard