Hampshire Technology College was this morning placed on full lock

hampshire technology college was this morning placed on full lock

Wyvern Technology College was this morning placed on full lock down at the direction of the Headmaster.

Staff were made aware of an intruder on the premises who refused to leave the site.

Police were seen to surround the college and have arrested a male.

Hampshire Police stated “We always work with Schools and Colleges to ensure that all children and staff are properly safeguarded. The response by the College was swift and at no point were any pupils at risk of harm. We will continue to investigate this matter and will deal with the offender as needed.”

Parents have praised the rapid response put in place by the College and the swift email sent out to all parents which reads;

“Dear Parents/Guardians

I’d like to inform you that this morning I made the decision to place the College into Lock Down for 20 minutes as a precaution. This is because we had an intruder on site, who would not leave. This meant that students were kept in their classrooms from period 1; teachers were instructed not to release them for the next lesson, as we didn’t want any students walking around the site. We had already moved the PE students back inside when the Lock Down decision was made.

This Lock Down situation remained in place until the Police arrived and arrested the individual and advised us to lift the Lock Down. Students are now in their Period 2 lessons.

Because of our shared site we informed the Infant and Junior school of the situation.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We currently have plans for improving site security in partnership with HCC.

We have high levels of staff supervision of the site at all times, we will continue to be vigilant.

There is already a lot of misinformation on social media about this incident. I can report that this intruder carried no weapon and was under close supervision from when he came on site. The incident was immediately reported to the Police requesting assistance. I can also confirm that this person is not known to the College as a current or past student or as a parent.

The Police will clearly be investigating this incident further.