Truant Chav schoolboys causing cause havoc in Portsmouth

truant chav schoolboys causing cause havoc in portsmouth

Pictured are three nuisance teenagers who have nothing better to do when they should be in school.

These chavs who are clearly school age – by St Luke’s school are opening the engines and the fire exit doors on moving buses cause major traffic hold ups and hassle this morning.

One passenger travelling on the bus said:” The woman sat next to the fire exit was terrified. The door opened and she nearly fell out. They were threatening everyone on the bus. As soon as I whipped my phone out they went all shy. They know they are gonna be on here. Probably think it’s a badge of honour or something but you can bet if they got hit by the bus their parents would be saying what nice boys they are, how they wouldn’t hurt anyone etc etc

The trio were chased off but left giving out mouthfuls of abuse to members of the public who tackled them on their behaviour.

We are sure your parents are will proud of what you have been up to this morning.