No insurance or Tax don’t expect to make it to Isle of Wight festival

no insurance or tax dont expect to make it to isle of wight festival

A major crackdown has been launched showing that the Isle of Wight is not a sucker for dodgy drivers or their motors.

As thousands travel to the Isle of Wight over the next four days for The Isle of Wight festival

A clear warning is being sent out by officers from Hampshire Constabulary. If your vehicle isn’t legal your unlikely to make it to the festival.

An ANPR operation got underway with a ring of officers and ANPR camera on all routes towards the Newport festival site.

Officers are on the lookout for dodgy owners and their motors. Drug and drink drivers are also being shown the red card if they are caught, they will be dealt with accordingly they face arrest and a court appearance a ban and a fine at least if over the limit.

The idea behind the operation is to hit the area and focus on vehicle movements Its about being visible, being on the roads and pulling over anything we see. said one officer involved in the proactive operation.

The truth of the matter is criminals travel. They have to travel or how do they get to places to commit a crime. That’s obviously great for us. What’s not so great for the criminal fraternity is the ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras, which provide live intelligence to officers on patrol.

The operation is in force during the duration of the festival and doesn’t just focus on those attending the festival It’s an Island-wide operation.

Be warned drive to arrive.