Search launched after “Mayday Call” is sent over VHF Radio system

search launched after mayday call is sent over vhf radio system

A search involving Cowes lifeboat two of the Isle of Wight Coastguard search and rescue teams and the Cowes Harbourmaster has been launched this evening.

Teams of coastguards who have been on duty throughout the festival were tasked by the UK Coastguard operations centre in Fareham and the order to launch Cowes lifeboat was made just after 11pm on Saturday evening after a Mayday call was received over the VHF marine radio system.

A number of leads are being followed after what is understood to be a sailor in drink with a radio who was seen in the location prior to the distress call being made.

A land and sea search is being carried out by from Island Harbour down to Newport Quay in an attempt to try and locate them. Despite a major search effort nothing or no one has been located.

Anyone with information on the origin of the call or can assist is asked to call the Coastguard

More to follow