Hazardous Cargo Ship runs into trouble on the Bramble Bank off the Isle of Wight

hazardous cargo ship runs into trouble on the bramble bank off the isle of wight

A large container ship, APL Vanda, has ran aground off the Bramble Bank this evening. A full scale operation involving eight tugs is unfolding in the busy Solent shipping just off the Isle of Wight.

A spokesman for Southampton VTS refused to comment of what the current situation was with the vessel that is  listed with a ‘Hazard A’ marker.

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Eight tugs and Southampton Harbour Master have been sent to  the scene, and the Calshot lifeboat has been launched to assist

It appears the tugs are attempting to move the ship. There are two tugs on the bow being wound up ‘to full’, there are two tugs each on port and starboard on the stern.  The size of the size is the container ship has 151,93 gross tonnage, and was destined for Southampton. The ship is huge, 370m × 51m.

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The UK Coastguard at Fareham this evening   said “They  where made aware of the  situation  just before 10pm this evening.” They have  confirmed that they are monitoring the situation and on close contact with Southampton VTC. The spokeswoman went to say that as far as they are aware that the cargo ship  carried out a control grounding after a loss of powerThere are no reports of any damage or Pollution She  also confirmed that it was also High tide in the area and  crews sent to assist  are  going to try and refloat the vessel.

UPDATE: The container ship is now under tow and making its way to Southampton Port.

large container ship (369m x51m) executed a controlled grounding this evening (13 February) at Bramble Bank, in Southampton Water, following a loss of power.

Port of Southampton Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) sent eight tugs to the vessel. At this time no damage or pollution has been reported, the Coastguard continue to monitor the situation.