Roof-top protester sees second night on Winchester roof

roof top protester sees second night on winchester roof

Simon Murray took to the rooftop in a peaceful protest against the Trinity centre in Winchester since 2am on Thursday.

Police and Fire service attended the centre this morning to the reports of a man but were not in a legal position to deal with the matter. A security officer is situated at the centre to ensure it remains secure. The management and staff were in a meeting all day regarding the situation, and the centre was closed to the public and will remain closed until the protest is over.

Simon has set up a tent displaying various signs in respect to the treatment he is said to be unhappy with.

Mr Murray said:”The staff here don’t care, they are only interested in profits – I was shown a flat which was unhabitual and event the housing manager agreed but the Manager at the Trinity centre didn’t care about the conditions”. He was unable to say how long he intended to protest but that he was “Well equipped with food and hot drink”

Simon was observed greeting passers-by and interacting with children and parents, One little girl shouted, “What you doing on the roof, in which Simon responded with “I’m doing what we call a Peaceful Protest”. A homeless friend of Mr Murray greeted and cheered him on.