Family rubbish Neighbours claim that Lucy’s last moment were caught on CCTV

family rubbish neighbours claim that lucys last moment were caught on cctv

A neighbour who we are not naming has made a claim that Lucy murdering screams have been captured on CCTV.

This claim has been rubbished by a close member of Lucy’s family who is the murder victim.

The home of the Dyson’s in Suffolk Road in Andover remains in lockdown as a full forensic examination takes place of the property.

A neighbour who has spoken to media made the claim that he had caught the cold-blooded murder on CCTV.

He further made claim and it’s been reported that the victim mother of two  Lucy Dyson is heard on CCTV repeatedly screaming and shouting to “Get off me” moments later the audio falls silent and an array of police cars can be seen arriving outside the property.

What has been captured on the CCTV is the Sister of the victim attending the address screaming at  Dyson to get off her sister on the fatal night that has not left two children without a mother.  He remains in custody on suspicion of murder.

The night worker who returned home shortly after  2am said the road was silent.  It was only after he reviewed the CCTV that he realised the audio was active and caught the situation unfolding. Others in the road claim that they called Police after hearing arguing just before 6am  on Sunday morning.


The family member has also asked that they are given time to grieve their loss and for people to let the Police carry out their investigation if people have information to contact the police. A family statement and tribute will be released later.